The new facility will allow all the exhibitor animals to be under one roof, with a large open pavilion 240’x120′, with convenient access to the show ring (which reduces chance of injury to spectators and other participants, by not having the animals having to cross paths or shuttle thru narrow passages.)

For non-fair events such as stock shows or larger equestrian events, the pavilion allows for extra space and pen areas close to the equestrian center. Ample space behind the pavilion for organized loading and unloading livestock, as well as reserved parking area for livestock members.

Other uses include:

  • Martin County Young Farmers & Ranchers Ag-Venture days
  • Animal Clinics – Equestrian clinics, Steer clinics, Hog clinics, and prospecting shows would be held in this pavilion.
  • Workspace for parade float building – Provides covered space for High schools, 4-H, Girl Scouts, etc. for Homecoming and Christmas parades, and other group projects.
  • Dog Shows – Provides ample space perfect for dog shows, both local and regional.